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Hello all. Haven't posted here in ages and found this thread so thought I'd post my review and photos from Ministry's Prongs site.......by the way you'll have to forgive me as I'm 100% familiar with Godflesh's songs/albums etc but not 100% familiar with Jesu's songs so from what I've read so far I may have got Heart Ache mixed up with Friends Are Evil and also Old Year with Silver?????? I'll post a few other reviews in the reviews section of the shows I've been to over the last year such as Ministry, Adrian Sherwood and Saul Williams if anyone's interested..........

Well as promised Toot comes with his Jesu Chronicles thread. As usual with the next day after a gig I'm hang-over to the fucking EXTREME!!!! But I shall do my best.

It was a great start to the day actually....I invited a fews pals around and made a big fry up for lunch and showed them the directers cut of Watchmen on Blu-ray as they'd not seen the film. This is the third time I've watched the film and I must say it's a fucking supreme Blu-ray with mad surround sound business!

After the film we got some kick-ass fish'n'chips for dinner. After that I began my horrific drinking binge which has resulted in this fucking horrible hang-over.....GOD I feel sooooooooo alive![cool]

Anyway we got to the venue GRV just before Cut Hands did his set. GRV is a tiny nightclub here in Edinburgh and sadly this event was not that busy with probably 100 people all up...........which for a band like Jesu is a real shame I thought. Oh well......such is life.

Below was the line-up for the evening and times.....

Doors 17:00

17:30 - Of Spire & Throne
18:15 - Project Serendipity
19:00 - Wraiths
19:40 - Human Greed
20:25 - Cut Hands
21:00 - Jesu
22:30 - 03:00 DJs

OK so this guy Cut Hands comes on. Apparently this is the guy from Whitehouse. I've never really heard Whitehouse let alone Cut Hands so wasn't sure what I was going to get. I actually thought it'd be a band, but it was just the one guy with his laptop. Anyway his music was loud as fuck! It was a combination of mean fucking beats and bass, brutal bad-ass Afro-Cuban percussive rhythms with whitenoise thrown into the mix here and there. I actually thought it's was quite fucking awesome although I wasn't really a fan of the deafening whitenoise he threw into the mix to scare the pants off everyone! I imagine Peligro would like this stuff very much? Below is Cut Hands.....(by the way....I watched Cut Hands standing next to Justin Broadrick....fuck I rule!)

Next up was the mighty Jesu. I did the rounds and talked to alot of folk and was surprised to discover most of them had no idea who Broadrick was. I was EXTREMELY dissapointed to note that there was not one Godflesh shirt! The horror of it!!! There was one Jesu shirt though. Also I was a bit crushed to find there was no Jesu merch for sale. Anyway tonights incarnation of Jesu was Justin, his laptop and a bass player who I didn't recognise. Jesu had a tough evening as whoever the guy was on the pa did a pretty poor job for the most part. Basically Justin and his bass player couldn't hear their monitors and also Justin's vocals were drowned out in the mix alot. Regardless Jesu fucking rocked BIG time and sounded great, so credit to them.

Right let's get down to business.....Jesu pumped out 5 songs.....which took an hour and a half! hahahahaha!

Jesu started with a fucking awesome song which I've not heard before so it's obviously fresh off the press. It started off with a really fucking quick and urgent sounding Hip Hop beat with a really crisp cutting hi-hat. After about a minute of this awesome rhythm the Jesu guitars came crashing down with pure crushing beauty. I laughed as my friend who's never heard Jesu turned to me and said "are those guitars supposed to sound like that?!" hahahahaha!!! During this song you virtually couldn't hear Broadrick's vocals.....but that didn't matter as the music was great!

Next up was everyone's favourite "Conqueror". This was fucking majestic and the crowd gave a big cheer when that intro came in. I just absolutely fucking ADORE that soaring riff in this amazing song. We could hear Justin's vocal a bit better during this song.

Next we had "Old Year"???. Again there were probs with the vocal and Justin wasn't happy.....he wasn't angry though as he's just too much of a nice guy so the pa guy was lucky! Regardless this was another beast music and sound wise.

Song 4 was a real surprise......."Heart Ache"?????. This was pure fucking magic and heavy as hell. I really wasn't expecting to hear one of the Heart Ache songs so was chuffed.

After "Heart Ache" Justin said "right we've got one more song..........but it's over 20 mins!". At this I yelled out "RUINED!!".....Justin had a chuckle and replied "it's NOT Ruined". Considering we got "Heart Ache" I couldn't complain!

Anyway the last song was another one I hadn't heard. It may've been from the recent Jesu release? Whatever it was it fucking kicked some MAJOR ass and was easily the filthiest riff moment of the evening. The riff sounded like a mean as fuck Godflesh throwback. I was going bananas over this one. It also had a tumbling drum sample here and there that sounded like vintage Flesh too!

The set finished and Justin apologised profusely to the crowd about the probs in his soft shy voice. He didn't have to apologise though as everyone fucking loved the set! (well I did anyway![cool])

Sadly I failed to bag a photo with Justin as I pussied out.....I did however shake his hand and kiss his ass by saying how much I loved Godflesh/Jesu/Ice/Techno Animal etc......he was like "WOW you must be old!".

Behold......the mighty Jesu.

After Jesu we all had to go upstairs to the after party where we had a surprise waiting for us......A STRIP TEASE! I'm sure Justin was blushing.

After the strip tease these drunk Irish guys did their own strip tease which was AWESOME! Actually before the gig I had a spare ticket and met these guys out the front. One of them was low on cash and wasn't going so was seeing his trusty pals off........I flung him the spare ticket and made his evening so that was cool. As a mark of respect they allowed me to document their excellent show piece.....

I fucking LOVE this next shot. It's everything that's great about rock'n'roll and the Irish.......

The DJ was playing on a really crappy sound system and the music was all droney and not my cuppa tea so I headed off to my beloved Messenger Sound System club night @ The Bongo Club which is unadulterated Dub Reggae on a fucking killer sound system......behold one of the stacks.........(the girls have ears of steel!)

Stevie gettin Dubwise wit it!

And Edinburgh getting down wit it!

After Messenger packed up I headed home and finished the evening off with a dram of Bowmore Islay single malt whisky then hit the hay to reach my amazingly fucked up hang-over today! hahahahaha......obviously it was well worth it as it's not every day I get to see a Justin Broadrick set.

I actually attempted to do this post earlier today but wiped the post when I was nearly at the end. Brought a tear to my eye so I hit the hay for a wee nap to tame the hang-over a bit.

I'm now watching trash tv and will run along as Scooby Doo the movie is on and as you all know......it's ESSENTIAL viewing.

All the best people.
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