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PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 8:25 am  Reply with quote

New Tomahawk.


It seems to me Mr. Patton is getting a bit repetitive. I realize the songs are traditional arrangements, but still, he is beginning to make everything sound like Fantomas.

Maybe it needs to grow on me.
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Sidney James
PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2007 10:03 am  Reply with quote
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I don't think is sounds like Fantomas. more like the more experimental side of Controlled Bleeding.

I'm disappointed its not as rock out as the first 2 albums and especially miss Duane Denison's guitar sound.

My guess is that Patton decided to throw another curveball to confuse his audience again.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2007 2:20 pm  Reply with quote

Actually Patton didn't write it really.

Was Denison. And the songs are arrangements of traditional Native American songs.

It sounds like Fantomas to me (a bit) mainly because of Pattons vocalisms being quite repetitive(to me) on a regular basis. And I'm tired of his seemingly 'throw 'em a curveball for surprise' mentality. It is repetitive too. It is not a surprise if it happens every time.

You know what would be a surprise? If Patton could ever manage to put out another decent release. I mean...it has gotten pretty boring.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 4:27 pm  Reply with quote

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Well, Patton doesn't exactly have anybody directing him anymore. Patton's truly best work is whenever someone directs him, like Zorn on the 1st Bungle Album or the Moonchild stuff. But on his own, he tends to stick with a comfort zone. Stuff he likes to do. Example: Look up the Dillinger Escape Plan / Mike Patton Clip on Youtube. The one promoting "Irony Is a Dead Scene"? One key scene.

Patton: "... Take it from the top?"
Dillinger Member: "K."
Patton: "Any preference on those notes? Or...?"
Dillinger Member: "Uhm... Sounds... Fine to me..."
Patton: "...."
DM: "What's... What's the options?"
P: "T-uh.... 'Tying your legs down', or 'Tying your legs down'..."
DM: "Uhhhhh...."
P: "I like the second one better. But, I do that more. So..."
DM: "Can you *gets interrupted by scene transition*"

Okay, here's Patton, CLEARLY recognizes he gets into his own 'routine'. He's offering variation. But rock musicians like Duane, or DEP, or say FNM even, don't know how to properly use him. Honestly, the most impressive stuff Patton ever did, was that one solo album from like '95, in my book. People like Merzbow and Zorn, who don't adhere to this overall 'rock' backing, can pull off Patton in brilliant ways. Otherwise...

Well, another example perhaps. Look at "The Waste" and "Lookaway" with Sepultura. With the latter, a strickly rockish, nu-metal thing, Patton's preformance is laughable at best. It's one of the most boring songs he's ever done. "Lookaway" is even more bizzare, because... Patton is limited to 'throat-singing', then is replaced by Johnathan Davis... Who's essentially a Mike Patton Baby. But how often does Mike Patton do Throat-Singing? Since Max Cavalera is more interested in world music than metal at that point, he gets that from Patton. Andreas put Sepultura back into their rock format, and brought Patton in, to provide probably weak guidance. "Uh... Just... Just do that thing from 'Angel Dust' man!""Uh.... Okay...."

Mike Patton isn't a singer as much as he's a stylist. Yeah, he's good at what he does... But on his own, he's like... Hmmm. It's like, De Niro is a great actor, when somebody directs HIM. But the director has to actually direct, not just say "Okay, do what you do!"
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2007 9:13 pm  Reply with quote

I'd beg to differ over Zorn's role in the 1st Bungle LP. If you've heard the demos etc, you can tell they have pretty much got it down. I'd be willing to bet, on that particular recording, Zorn was prolly not very heavy handed. Seems like adding his name for clout would be enough.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2007 4:30 pm  Reply with quote
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Wow Moonchild got mentioned..

I just heard two of the discs recently and that stuff was fuckin rad!
Although it made me realize the Mike Patton = poor man's Yamazuka Eye reference.. Baron and Dunn though that was sick hehe.

mick j harris wrote:
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2007 6:05 pm  Reply with quote

Which solo album?
Weird Little Boy, Pranzo Oltranzista, or Adult Themes for Voice?
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