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Melvins Fiend
PostPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:58 am  Reply with quote

I was off yesterday and as i had to travel from Edinburgh to Glasgow for this gig i thought it'd be best to have an early dinner of scampi at 4:30 so i could enjoy my ritual of red wine, steinlager and playing loud records while Mrs Toots got ready........so some Nick Cave, Selecter, Goth Trad, Godflesh's Us And Them and Ministry's ICYDFLSU records later we jumped on a train........which was a fuckin rip off at 10.80 one way??!!! (We got the bus back)

Got to Glasgow and the Fiend gang met up with another pal (Daniel) before Mrs Fiend got sticky date pudding, her friend indulged in scampi and i began my booze binge which Scotland is infamous for while my pal Daniel tried to recover from a large pizza he'd nailed for dinner.

8pm comes so we head down to Stereo where Saul is playing.....when we get there there's already a rather large line of Hip Hop heads, Metal heads, Techno heads and older poshy poetry looking types with "Chomski All-Stars" hoodies on??!!

We hand our tickets in and make our way downstairs where i come across the merch stand i'd been much looking forward to! There were two different types of shirts (both came in blue or green), the cd of classical music with Saul reading excerpts of "Said The Shotgun To The Head" over and a cd which was the new release of Saul's keyboard player. The U.S tour seemed to have a bit more merch but from what i've read but they didn't have the shirt which featured 3 hyenas and a two headed horse on it......although i maybe wrong? Anyway i picked up the shirt with Saul holding the kitten with the eye patch, stuffed it in Mrs Fiends handbag and made way for the bar.......

Stereo is a great venue.......it's not very big and is absolutely filthy.......it's the kind of place Boba Fett would go to breakdance to intergalactic Hip Hop as it's all beaten up and manky. The side part has lots of bean bags which i though was pretty cool. The bar was very busy (gig sold out) but although they only had 3 or 4 staff they managed to serve extremely quickly compared to 99% of other clubs i visit.

The opener was just a dude spinning records who had the tackiest shirt i'd ever seen a DJ wear.....i was very impressed......it was one of those dodgey one's with a picture of a wolf with forest and moon etc in the backround. Usually old panzy bikers and westy grandma's wear them. Anyway he was playing good stuff ranging from really old school sounding Industrial instrumentals to Bass Heavy Technoy stuff to minimal Hip Hop etc etc.........

Eventually Saul and band came on. Saul had the fluffy caveman boots on along with a singlet that had a picture of bullet belts running up and down it. He was also sporting the colourful feathers in his hair which seems to be very much part of the Niggy Tardust character. CX Kid Tronik was like a cyber punk biker in black leather. The keyboard player had a badass Dracula cape on with big black sunglasses and the guitarist looked normal with his plain shirt and jeans?!

The crowd was hyped and excited and were more than ready to jump up and down like looney toons. I can't remember the whole setlist, in fact i can't even remember what the first song was as i have a bad habit of getting as battered as possible before the gig so i can jump with the toons and not have to waste time going to bars during the set.

What i do remember though is the set begining with the intro to "Break" before going into something different? "Grippo" was about the 2nd or 3rd song and if the crowd wasn't jumping before then they were now. I had my merry band of moshers (or jumpers) to give me license to act like a lunatic and although they were shirtless tatted looking clowns they won my respect due to knowing all the lyrics and knowing when to shut up and let Saul do his thing.

There was plenty of stage diving/crowd surfing by Saul, his keyboardist and some of the toons which was very arena rockish and fun. At one stage the keyboardist came close to us and motioned for us we could have his badass alien sun glasses (i think him guessing we couldn't reach?)...anyway i was more than up for it and the Fiend launched himself and grabbed them off his head! Stunned and with a sheepish smile he pleaded with me for them back........of cause the gentleman i am i handed them straight back and was awarded with a "yoyoyo ma honky" handshake.

This was a very different show from last time i saw Saul in Edinburgh 2005. The last one Saul did alot more spoken word and obviously more stuff from the first two albums. The crowd was excited and danced in Edinburgh, but tonight Saul was like a fully fledged rock star (Amethyst?) who had the crowd dancing, moshing and generally jumping up and down like my mum when the police brought me home after i was caught stealing Star Wars toys when i was about 7yrs old.

The songs that really caused mayhem tonight were "Grippo", "Convict Colony", "List Of Demands", "Control Freak" and of course the encore U2 anthem cover "Sunday Bloody Sunday" which everyone was singing along to.

The gig finished and i was soaked. On the way out my pal Daniel bought the Hyena Tardust shirt for me as i'd run out of money due to my stupid pre Saul binge....what a fucking cool guy!

On the way to the bus station Daniel was a bit dejected as someone had told him Chelsea beat Man U in the Euro Cup Final......he got a pleasant surprise when he got home to find the guy on the street was bullshitting.....a Chelsea fan no doubt.

Here's a few photo's..........

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Melvins Fiend
PostPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2009 9:27 am  Reply with quote

The t-shirts............

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:03 am  Reply with quote

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I wanna see Saul live

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